Bakery Chronicles

A 3 Match game with TD elements!


Have you ever heard about “Around the world in eighty days”? With The Bakery Chronicles game you will go around the world in numerous levels having a lot of fun! As … of course a BAKER!

A brand new experience!

Prepare yourself for indeed a journey of fun and adventure. Travel around the big towns of several countries, meet new customers, let them to have a taste of your delicous pastries, and have fun dealing with them in an amazing match-3 game featuring tower defense game elements.

Simple but challenging gameplay

Waves of customers are heading to your bakery shop, waiting for you to hand over them their orders. So you make matches of 3 or more pastries to fulfill your customer needs, make them happy, and at the end of day you have BAKED THE DAY!

Be aware of your customer behavior!

Some customers are kids so they won’t listen to “The haste makes waste!” While some are gluttony, some are nice and some are spice! Good news is… that there are also some who are just NORMAL!

Trust me, nobody loves an angry customer!

You should at least, earn your shop daily rent!

What is the point of being all customer-oriented and stuffs, if you can’t pay your daily rent and have your shop open for other days?!

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