Paper Princess

Defend the princess castle in the paper world!

Coming soon for Android and iOS

Paper Princess is a tower defense game in the Realm of Papers!

Join Hands with Paper Princess now and Enter the Realm of Papers!

PAPER PRINCESS is a Tower Defense Game, designed and developed for mobile platform with unique Environment and characters!

Realm of Papers

This game is full of paper and cartoons of course! Tear apart, Set on fire, Crush and punch holes in enemies! Every experience you have of papers, you can enjoy it in this game too!

Super unique towers

Think of everything you can cast upon a miserable piece of paper… Your towers can achieve it! And with lots of coooooool upgrades!

Brides Vs Princess

Enemies are cool too! Experience 5 enemies with 5 special feature and show them what you got!Prove to your princess who’s best fitted as kings Bride!

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